Worst Baseball Ending

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The Cincinnati Reds had us to a baseball video game and also it ruled! There's so much to do at the ballpark that I can have made this video 20 minutes long haha. I hope you individuals enjoyed socializing with us. Even more video clips regularly so stay tuned!… Read the rest


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Well to proceed the style of Mini games on Turbo Toy Time we're doing baseball! I saw this and thought it would be a lot of enjoyable as well as I was best! I hope you individuals dug it too!… Read the rest


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Home Baseball! Ryden and I had a blast with this soft Baseball collection. It's ideal for a rainy (or wintertime) day within. I hope you men appreciated the video clip! I do videos each and every single day so stay tuned for more randomness!… Read the rest

MLB Creative Plays

What play do you think was the most creative say in the comments

When You Let Your Kid Play Ball in the House, 4 year-old Baseball Christian Haupt www.cathy-byrd.com

We hope this video brings a smile to your face even if you're not a follower of baseball or the Dodgers. Absolutely nothing makes our son happier compared to playing baseball and this video recorded prior to his 5th birthday shows the several means he has actually located to play baseball inside of our residence. His interest as well as fantastic luck have actually led him to satisfy a number of his heroes as well as the slide show at the end shows his trip from being discovered by Adam Sandler on YouTube for a baseball playing cameo function in "That's My Kid" at the age of 2 to being the youngest person to throw a ritualistic initial pitch at an MLB game at the age of 3.… Read the rest