2016 Topps Baseball Factory Set Retail Version

2016 Topps Baseball Factory Set Retail Version: Collectibles & Fine Art

2015 TOPPS BASEBALL series 1 - hanger packs & box pack... woo hoo relic cards!

2015 Topps Baseball Series 1 is back with the biggest base set in a decade!

With 350 base cards in Series 1, collectors can look forward to putting together a base set of 700 cards throughout the year.

2015 Topps Baseball Series 1 will feature new inserts, autographs, and relics celebrating some of the greatest moments in Baseball history, as well as the biggest stars of today.

And the 2015 Topps online program is sure to keep collectors coming back throughout the year and beyond!


Robbed Inserts featuring the biggest catches at the wall!
Robbed Autographs (numbered to 10)
Robbed Relics (numbered to 25)
Robbed Autograph Relics (numbered to 5)
12 cards per pack, 24 packs per box

Among the manufactured Relics, which will be found one per hobby case or one per jumbo box, will be three different types of cards. First up is the MLB Silhouetted Batter Logo Pin card, a metallic logoman card. Then there will be Future Stars Pins showcasing 10 players with the 1987 Future Stars logo. These will be limited to just 99 copies per player on its vintage parallel. Then there will be Birth Year Coin and Stamp cards with five versions to chase — a quarter, quarter with auto, a dime, a nickel and a penny version.

Autographed Relic cards will only be found in hobby and jumbo packs and there are eight different sets for collectors to chase. There are Archetypes auto Relics limited to 10 copies each as well as Highlight of the Year, Inspirations and Free Agent 40. Each of these sets will also be limited to just 10 copies per card. The Gallery of Greats auto Relics will be signed on-card and limited to just five copies per player. Also waiting to be found — and these will be a bit easier — are World Series Champion auto Relics and Postseason Performance auto Relics. Those will be limited to 50 copies per player, while Strata Signature Relics will return and be found with 25 signed-on-card copies per player.

For standard autographs, there will be 10 sets to chase — Career High, Archetypes, Highlight of the Year, Inspirations, Gallery of Greats, 1/1 Baseball/History Cut Signatures, Free Agent 40, World Series Champions, Postseason Performance and 1/1 Strata Cut Signatures. These sets will be limited to either 25 or 10 copies per card.

For Relics, the same lineup can be seen — Career High, Archetypes, Highlight of the Year, Inspirations Duals, Gallery of Greats, Baseball/History Stamps, Free Agent 40, World Series Champions and Postseason Performances. These will be limited to no more than 100 copies for all but the Career High cards with some limited to just 50 or 25 copies and some only found in hobby or jumbo packs.

Also to be found are 1/1 In the Name Relics with letters from MLB All-Star workout jerseys displayed on the card.

Last but not least, there will be two promotional programs coming with the new set. There will be online code cards found six per hobby box and a Pennant Chase program where every team will have 50 cards printed good for a prize if that team wins the pennant.

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