Baseball: A Ticket To The Bigs

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The Riptide is professional baseball’s newest team. It’s also the worst. The players are washed up, lazy, and should have retired a long time ago.
Tommy is the team’s biggest fan. He goes to every home game, watches the away games on TV, and even blogs about the Riptide. He knows everything there is know about baseball but is the worst player in his local Little League. So how did he end up on baseball’s biggest stage?
Will Panzell is the owner of the team. He’s also completely nuts. He lies, cheats, and schemes to sell tickets to Riptide games. His latest stunt is so bananas it has the whole world shocked, and it might just be crazy enough to work.
When Will and Tommy’s worlds collide, baseball may never be the same again.

THE BIGS 2 Gameplay

Gameplay for THE BIGS 2

It's a great game and if you like baseball games deff. worth the 60 Bucks.

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