Baseball Genius (Jeter Publishing)

A typical kid with an above average skill for predicting baseball pitches attempts to aid his preferred player from a downturn in this enjoyable novel from bestselling authors Tim Green and also Derek Jeter.

Jalen DeLuca loves baseball. Sadly his papa can not afford to keep him on the travel team. His father runs a diner and also makes sufficient to cover the bills, but there isn't really sufficient to cover any bonus. So Jalen determines to take matters into his very own hands and also he sneaks into the home of the New York Yankee's star 2nd baseman, James Yager, and also takes a few rounds from his individual batting cage. He knows that if he could sell them, he'll have the ability to maintain himself on the team.

But like the best-laid plans– or in this instance the worst!– Jalen's scheme fails when Yager captures him. However Jalen has a secret: his baseball brilliant. He could evaluate and also predict practically exactly just what a bottle is going to do with his next pitch. He can not rather clarify just how he recognizes, he feels in one's bones. And also after verifying to Yager that he truly could do this, making use of a telecasted video game and anticipating pitch after pitch with excellent precision, the two accept an offer. Jalen will certainly assist Yager out of his batting depression as well as Yager will not push charges.

However, when he starts to think that the group's general manager has his very own agenda, Jalen's mosting likely to require his close friends as well as his unusual baseball ability to conserve not only Yager's job, but his own reputation.

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