Baseball Junkie

Aubrey Lewis Huff III has everything. As a two-time World Series Champion who reached the pinnacle of Major League Baseball before retiring at age 36 in 2012, he earned more than $60 million playing the game, and with it, a place in Major League Baseball history. He has success, fame, money and a beautiful family.

Why would a man, who has achieved a level of success most men only dream about, find himself on his knees in his bedroom closet one evening, weeping, a loaded .357 Magnum pressed against his temple?

Aubrey has confronted his demons in BASEBALL JUNKIE: The Rise, Fall and Redemption of a Baseball Giant.

It follows Huff through a roller-coaster ride from humble beginnings as a quiet, shy kid growing up in a trailer park in a small Texas town, through the brutal murder of his father, to an Adderall-infused egomaniac standing in front of a million-plus Giants fans, proudly displaying women's underwear, his rally thong, for the world to see.

This book is more than a biography. And it's more than a baseball book.

Using a brutal honesty not often found in this genre, along with humor and first-person narration, the author draws an intimate portrait of life in the big leagues, and bares all, revealing the internal struggles he experienced playing in major league baseball. BASEBALL JUNKIE takes the reader inside the complex life and mind of a man as he balances victories with the crippling demons of addiction, divorce, anxiety, depression, and feelings of inferiority.

It inspires the reader to seek more than what this world has to offer. To rise above mediocrity, achieving his or her true potential while staying focused on what really matters when the fame and excitement of the game fade with the sunset.

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