Casey Dunn Head Baseball Coach Samford University AL - Casey Dunn- Head Baseball Coach, Samford University (AL)

Casey Dunn- Head Baseball Coach, Samford University (AL)

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Suggested Title: Developing Players Individually Inside the Team Structure with Casey Dunn
During this episode of Ahead of the Curve, I interviewed Casey Dunn, Head Baseball Coach at Samford University. Casey Dunn pulls from his extensive experience to talk about helping his players develop their own development plan, the importance of concentrating on advantages instead of what you are lacking in your situation, building a strong connection with players, and being aware of their needs. 
Episode Highlights: 
How did Casey Dunn get involved in baseball and as a coach?   
Baseball was very much a part of Casey’s upbringing.  
What are some of the first steps that Casey took as a coach? 
Don’t get caught up in what you don’t have.  
What did the fall look like for his team? 
How did he transition into his team and develop the baseball culture there?  
What are some ways that he connects with his players individually?  
How does he help develop his assistant coaches into potential head coaches? 
What are some rules and standards he has for his team?  
What does a typical spring practice plan look like? 
What does their BP setup look like? 
What is something that Casey is excited about learning and applying? 
What are things his players get excited about doing during practice? 
Is there anything that he believes that other coaches might disagree with?   
What is something we would notice at one of Casey Dunn’s practices?  
Are there any resources that Casey would recommend?  
3 Key Points:
Casey Dunn started at Samford University in 2004 and he has been there for 15 seasons.  
Focus on the advantages of where you are at.  
Know where your team members want to go in order to provide them valuable opportunities and prepare them.  
Tweetable Quotes:
“As a coach, it is tough to have a lot of family time with what we do and growing up and having a close relationship with my dad, going to the field, going to practice, going to the cage, that was the way for me to spend time with my dad.” – Casey Dunn  (02:30)
“It is so easy to get trapped in what you don’t have or get trapped in what other people have that you don’t.” – Casey Dunn  (05:15)
“There are positives to every situation.” – Casey Dunn  (05:25)
“The fall is a developmental time. The fall is not a period of time where you are trying to win games.” – Casey Dunn  (06:54)
“The thing I tell our guys all the time, in the game of baseball, I think more than any other sport, you have to take personal ownership in you. You have to invest in yourself.” – Casey Dunn  (10:06)
“The thing I like best that I get the greatest value out of at this time in my life is watching guys do it at an elite level.” – Casey Dunn  (12:52)
“One thing I tell our guys is you have to represent our program as you would your family, as you would yourself, your mom and dad, your last name.” – Casey Dunn  (25:52)
“A lot of this quote, ‘new stuff’ that is out there with the enhanced video and all the technology and all the metrics we’re getting on players, I don’t think it is that new.” – Casey Dunn  (37:01)
Resources Mentioned: 
Ahead of the Curve Podcast
Twitter: @AOTC_podcast
Casey Dunn: Twitter

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