David Webb- Head Baseball Coach, Corona del Sol HS (AZ)



During this episode of Ahead of the Curve, I interviewed David Webb, Head Baseball Coach at Corona del Sol High School in Tempe, Arizona. David shares his vast knowledge of focusing on the mental game of baseball, building up players to get in touch with who they are, building a team culture of having a strong character, and why he doesn’t talk to parents about playing time. 
Episode Highlights: 
How did David Webb get involved in baseball coaching?  
What are David’s time restrictions and how does he work within them in fall training?  
What are some different things that his team does for culture building?  
What does David Webb talk to the parents of his players about? 
How does he personally get to know his players?  
How does he prepare assistant coaches to develop their skill-sets further to be head coaches one day? 
What are some interview questions he asks during his hiring process? 
What things are expected of players? 
How does spring training typically unfold for Coach Webb? 
When does David Webb get his bullpens in? 
How does he handle a parent’s complaint about their kid’s lack of playing time? 
Is there something that David Webb has learned lately that has him really excited? 
What is something that David’s players do in training that they love? 
What is something that David Webb believes that other coaches may disagree with? 
What are things done during David’s training that would stand out to people?  
What are some of David Webb’s favorite books and resources that have benefited his coaching? 
3 Key Points:
In late summer and early fall, David focuses on getting his players strong.  
The “rebel” these days is the one choosing not to lower their standards and aims to have a true character by action, not just by their words. 
Show assistant coaches that you value their time, and give them room to invest their time by letting them do their job. 
Tweetable Quotes:
“More is not necessarily better, especially when it comes to the mental side of things.” – David Webb (08:48)
“I am all about building character and having a standards-driven program and building young men. The wins will come.” – David Webb (09:43)
“One of the greatest things you can do for them (players) that gets them to realize there is some investment is, you get them to know who they really are.” – David Webb (19:35)
“I am a huge watcher of players and mannerisms. Have they changed their mentality from day-to-day? And if I see anything, I will pull them aside and I will have conversations.” – David Webb (22:11)
(On coaches) “Whether they are young or they are coming in and they are saying, ‘I’ve been a head coach and I just want to be an assistant now, I’m tired of the parent dynamic,’ or whatever, you got to let them coach..” – David Webb (28:36)
“The beginning of the year, the practice looks like a lot of situation play, a lot of fundamental individual work.” – David Webb (46:32)
“My policy is, which is stated to parents in our Aztec Baseball 101 meeting, I don’t talk playing time with parents.” – David Webb (55:16)
“Using Twitter a lot and kind of getting on the same page with other coaches and see what they are doing on the mental side of the game. I’m really focused about that. So, anything mental is really very important to me.” – David Webb (59:33)
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