DRO Baseball 2018 Dylan Rosiak Game Day USA 2018 2019


Well, Put Him In Coach! Here’s a little more info on Dylan Rosiak’s 2018 baseball story. He had a great Freshman year as well as summer ball with Washington Panthers. Then, after being invited to the DeMarini Sports All-Star weekend in Chicago, he was selected to play in the National tournament at Disneyworld in Orlando at ESPN Wide World of Sports between Christmas 2018 and New Year’s 2019 with Game Day USA. Not only was he selected but he will play at the highest 18U level. He was also selected for the 16U All-American team which will play in Arizona next Spring. He has set some personal goals that at this point are very attainable. He continues to work hard at bettering himself and would like to thank Ben Main, Chase Mason and Mason McCoy for working with and helping him. He plans to attend some camps with ICC Cougar Baseball this month and throughout the winter. I know by sharing this all, it may seem like we’re putting a target or higher expectations on him. That’s what he wants. Just opportunities to earn and learn. He decided to focus on baseball only and we’re all happy and proud of his results. #BLESSINGS #BASEBALL

In the comments I’ll post the DISNEY TEAM ROSTER REVEAL SHOW: The ✨magical moment you have all been waiting for is here. Meet ??Game Day USA’s Golden Ticket honorees! #DisneyTeam2019

PS, His sister thinks he did all this just so she could go to Disneyworld! And I think his grannies do, too!


Music: “Centerfield” by John Fogerty

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