Joe DeMarco- Hitting Coach, ELITE Baseball (CA)

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During this episode of Ahead of the Curve, I interviewed Joe DeMarco, President and Chief Operations Officer at ELITE Baseball, who oversees all the Elite Baseball teams and private instruction. Joe DeMarco’s extensive experience includes: coaching baseball at the University of Kansas and spending two seasons in the San Diego Padres organization as a member of the Peoria Padres and the Idaho Falls Braves. Joe DeMarco discusses how he trains batters for timing, focusing on finding the ‘when,’ and good sequencing and how do you measure it.  
Episode Highlights: 
How did Joe DeMarco get involved in baseball?   
What does Day 1 look like?
What is Joe doing to train for timing.   
What did his process look like when he began his position? 
What is the definition of good sequencing and how do you measure it?
What does Joe mean by ‘focusing on finding the ‘when’?  
From a timing aspect, what advice does Joe DeMarco have? 
What drills did Joe DeMarco share with Rick Eckstein?  
What do they assign for their hitter’s homework. 
What are you doing in the dark when no one is watching? 
3 Key Points:
Joe trains for timing in areas that include the ball flight timing at the point of contact and working on the player’s sequential timing. 
Praise the right process even if the result is not what the player wanted. 
Joe DeMarco encourages players to keep a journal of the drills and hitting areas that they work on. 
Tweetable Quotes:
“Day 1, for me you know, I like to develop a relationship and connect with the player. Any time a new player comes in for an assessment, I try to make sure I’m there.” – Joe DeMarco (05:27)
“A lot of the stuff with sequencing and just ball flight, we kind of get them to understand, at least our focus is, how their body is operating, and each guy’s rhythm and pace.” – Joe DeMarco (11:17)
“Ultimately, I believe the only decision you make is to stop your swing.” – Joe DeMarco (11:50)
“If I was going to break down into kind of body part sequencing, when that lead foot hits, then that heel plant. Then there is stabilization of the head, which I think is really important.” – Joe DeMarco (18:35)
“The plan has to match the decision.” – Joe DeMarco (49:40)
“Trying to train things with rhythm and timing, adding decision in there through your control drills with any kind of toss or seated overhand I think you’re onto something. You have given them a really good chance.” – Joe DeMarco (50:09)
“We have the striped balls too. We do a lot of fast ball change out of the hand.” – Joe DeMarco (53:09)
“You always want to maintain a good posture with your head and your chest, and really on your backside. You are never going to shift past your backside.” – Joe DeMarco (1:06:16) 
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