Krav Maga Defense Against A Baseball Bat


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? Hello,

I am Alain cohen Krav Maga and self defense Expert

Today, i present you in this krav maga video a Defense Against A Baseball Bat

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Krav Maga Federation – ALAIN COHEN (KMF – AC), based in israel, was originally developed in Israel by Expert Alain Cohen, Krav Maga Coach from Wingate institute and Israeli ministry of Defense Supplier.

Krav maga is the official system of self dΓ©fense and Hand-to-Hand combat employed by the Israeli Defense Forces, the Israeli National and Military Police, as well as Israeli special operations, security units and airplane security. Krav Maga is also taught under the auspices of the israeli ministry of Education the Wingate Institute.

The KMF-AC training program teaches the techniques of Krav Maga as primarily taught by Imi Lichtenfeld. The techniques developed by Imi Lichtenfeld constitute the reference material used by KMF-AC instructors.

In addition to the Krav Maga techniques, the art of neurological strikes is incorporated into the curriculum developed by Alain Cohen in his Krav Maga program. Krav Maga was originally oriented specifically toward professionals working in the security field.

The techniques taught to professionals have now been adjusted to provide a fast learning program to civilian students who are looking for a structured, professional approach to quickly gain powerful self-protection skills.

Krav Maga Security techniques focus on performing defensive and offensive exercises, developing the mental attitude necessary to follow through with learned techniques, and nurturing and developing the student.

Krav Maga contains special approaches, tactics, techniques, subjects, drills and training methods for the different sectors:

β˜… Civilians of all ages, men and women, young and old;
β˜… Law-enforcement officers;
β˜… Military personnel and units;
β˜… Correction service officers and wardens;
β˜… Security officers;
β˜… Close protection officers;
β˜… Undercover agents;
β˜… Antiterrorists groups;
β˜… Air-marshals;
β˜… Special and commando units

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