Let’s Get Rippin’ – October 18th – Live Baseball Card Rips and Breaks


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Blaster Breaks, Single Packs, Games and Fun!

Lets Get Rippin’ is a weekly show where we do personal rips for you. Blasters, packs, boxes, etc. You can purchase items from our shop at www.aiabcardbreaks.com/ripshop

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At AIAB Card Breaks I have a passion for baseball and baseball cards. I love the camaraderie of card breaks and the excitement of pulling an awesome card, regardless of who takes it home. I am also interested in using technology to encourage interaction within the group, build a community of fans, and help the breaks run smoothly. My focus is putting together breaks for those on a tighter budget. The breaks typically range in the $5 – $10 range, and include baseball cards from all sets and brands.
-Smaller breaks equal lower costs
– Interactive live team drafts for every break. More Info Here
– Scheduled breaks that start on time
– Free Blaster in every break that fills
– Post break game show that gives everyone a chance at a prize
-Breaks are live on YouTube
– Breaks for collectors by a collector

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