Rookie Mistake (The Beasts of Baseball Book 1)

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This is the very first hot STANDALONE story in Bestselling Writer Alice Ward's brand-new sporting activities love series, The Monsters of Baseball.

I thought I 'd achieved whatever I ever before wanted. After that I shed her …
Standing on the pitcher's mound for a professional baseball group has actually been my dream considering that I was a small child. Now I'm here, pitching for the most recent team in the league– the New York Beasts– with the female I've loved considering that senior high school by my side.
Calvin and also Whitney for life! Wow, we made it.

However there's a downside to instant popularity and ton of money, a catch that lets loose self-constraint as well as morals. An opulent cage that separates us from the real life. This is the huge city, the big leagues– the majorly. As well as lure is around every edge. Individuals change. We changed. Neither for the better. I don't also recognize us anymore.

Calvin as well as Whitney forever? I made use of to think so, but the beasts that had actually been hibernating in both of us have actually taken control, and also now I'm not so sure. The dream has actually become a headache. Can we wake and locate our way back per other?

NOTE: The Beasts of Baseball collection adheres to the attractive ventures of the gamers on the baseball group The Beasts, as well as the women they enjoy. Each book can be reviewed as a standalone. Get ready for a raw, mentally billed HEA without any Cliffhanger.

Malcolm X

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