The Greatest Play In Baseball – Rick Monday Saves U.S. Flag

On April 25, 1976 at Dodger Arena, Rick Monday of the Chicago Cubs, got hold of and protected the American flag from two people as they were attempting to shed our flag in the center of the playing field. It was an impressive screen of American Nationalism. Due to the many recommendations to 'allah' and insistence that their chairs be encountered in a specific direction while being doubted, both, a dad and also his boy, were explained to be muslims by a number of safety workers including an off duty law enforcement officers present at the game who decreased to the protection room right after the event. Others assert that the two, William Errol Thomas and his brother, later on remedied to be Thomas as well as his 11 year old child (not identified because of his age) were battle militants. Others asserted Thomas got away from a psychological organization, others said that his spouse was being held illegally as well as against her will in a psychological organization and also various other cases. No matter, it's most likely risk-free to claim that exactly what they tried to do was a disgrace to our American Flag as well as every American person. Other than public ridicule, Thomas incurred marginal legal actions for his activities. He was penalizeded $60 for trespassing and put on probation for a year. No formal costs were submitted versus his 11 year old boy who was treated as an adolescent wrongdoer. Something that was also perplexing was acquiring the flag heater's real name. Protection employees at the arena claimed that his name was William Errol Morris. Nonetheless, the police report as well as court records all listing him as William Errol Thomas, Also known as William Errol Morris (Bad guy courts building record Case # 31-543367 Thomas, William Errol, Jr. Infraction Sec. 602, P.C. one year probation and also got not to enter Dodger Stadium during probationary period.) His attorney in the public-defender's workplace claimed that Thomas was American Indian, a transient living from the back of his automobile. DMV generated no details neither did the registrar of citizens or Veterans Administration. The Bureau of Indian Affairs in Phoenix az had no information neither were there any type of military documents.

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