Trick-play pickoff move to end the baseball game

Trick-play fake pickoff move to end the baseball game (final out). Maryville College (Maryville, TN) vs. Carson-Newman College (Jefferson City, TN).
I'm on the mound for Carson-Newman during this play. Top of the 9th inning, 2 outs, and the score was 7-4 (I earned a save with this game-ending play).
And for the record; I did not call to put this play on, it was put on by my coach — I (the pitcher) was just following orders given by the coach so save the hate mail "pitcher must suck" garbage.

The middle infielders dive inward, I fake throw, and the outfielders run towards the scoreboard (you can see the CF's feet at the top of the screen if you look for it). And when it's done successfully it will look something like this.

And ps., my acting job on the mound deserves a freakin' Oscar nomination!

Bush League? …perhaps.
Funny as hell? …you know it.

((As seen on SportsNation))

…and to settle any dispute; this play is not a balk. Nowhere in the balk rules does it state that the pitcher is not allowed to fake to second or third. The only base you have to completely disengage the rubber to FAKE to is first base. So, clearly, not a balk. Nor did the umpires think so during any of the FOUR times we performed this play throughout the year. And if you're going to comment on it being a balk or not, please learn how to spell balk (B-A-L-K) correctly. You'll sound ignorant if you don't even know how to spell the damn word.

Thanks everyone for pushing this video past the 1,000,000 view mark!! Y'all are awesome!

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